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    A smaller needle option for adults18-64 years1Fluzone® Intradermal Quadrivalent Flu shot needle

    How Is an Intradermal Flu Shot Different?

    Typical flu shots are intramuscular, which means they go through the skin, a layer of fat, and then the muscle. Intradermal vaccines are injected into the skin through a small, ultra-thin needle.3,4 And since the skin has more specialized immune cells than the muscle, the intradermal vaccine can provide a similar level of protection as the traditional flu shot.1,5

    Did you know?

    THE Intradermal
    quadrivalent needle
    is only 1.5 mm long.
    A PENNY!4,6

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    Coverage under major health plans

    Insurance Coverage for Fluzone
    Intradermal Quadrivalent Vaccine

    Immunization with Fluzone Intradermal
    vaccine may be covered with no
    co-payment or
    deductible under private
    insurance plans.7,8

    Ask About Fluzone Intradermal Quadrivalent Vaccine

    Use the Following Questions to Find Out More From Your Doctor or Pharmacist:

    • How is Fluzone Intradermal Quadrivalent vaccine different from flu shots Ive received in the past?
    • Will I still get the same protection against the flu using a smaller needle?
    • Why do I have to be 18-64 years of age to receive
      an intradermal vaccine?
    • What are the side effects of Fluzone Intradermal

      Quadrivalent vaccine?

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